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Idris Shawl

The Idris Shawl is finally here! It’s lacy, feminine and absolutely gorgeous! As the wedding season is here, this rectangular wrap can be a great choice to make if you want something airy but stylish! Special thanks to my testers: Isi Espunkt, Zannah Söderlind and Michelle Westwood! Blog post may contain affiliate links. Using the… Continue reading Idris Shawl

How to make a tassel?

In this post, I help you to learn how to make tassels without hassle! Tassels are super cute and a great addition to your crochet items such as shawls, bags or clothing. They are trendy and they can make your items and clothing stand out easily, especially if you make them in bright colors! The… Continue reading How to make a tassel?

A gorgeous knitting needle set…

If you are following me on social media, you already know that I have rediscovered knitting and started to knit some stuff for myself. 😊 I have learnt to knit when I was 12 years old and my mum showed me the basics: How to cast on Knit and purl stitches Increasing and decreasing Bind… Continue reading A gorgeous knitting needle set…


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