Colour Mood Boards

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

Choosing the right colours is very important for your projects. Sometimes it can be a real challenge too.

That’s why I decided to create this page on my site to share some colour mood boards and ideas I created, using my favourite yarn, the Stylecraft Special Dk shades.

When I started crocheting, I didn’t know a lot about choosing the right colours for my projects , I’ve just chosen anything I liked or had in my stash.

This now has been changed and I’m choosing my colours on a purpose. The purpose can be my mood, the style of the project or the feelings I have when doing it or before starting.

When I am designing my patterns, I combine those three above to create something unique which is representing my style, adding a bit of “Me” to each project.

I will add more and more colour boards to this page so you can have a look around and get inspired.

6 thoughts on “Colour Mood Boards

  1. I love your color boards! I always have difficulty picking colors that work together well, and this definitely helps!

    1. I use different apps and mainly use my own pictures. I saved pictures of the yarn shades and put the names on the pictures as a text and then I make a collage to suit the colors of the photo. 😊

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