About Me

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Krisztina Anna Matejcsok-Edomer and I’m from Hungary. I am a mum of two beautiful children. I have a daughter and a son with 14 months age gap. They give me a lot of inspiration and love every day, which I try to show through my crochet work. I lived in the UK for more than 7 years and I started crocheting 4 years ago. 🙂 It was 2017 and I was pregnant with my son who is going to be 4 years old this October, Time’s flying, right? 😀

Me and my kids

I’ve always been a crafty person since my childhood and I always loved trying out new things. I’ve learnt to knit when I was 11 years old from an old book my mother had on the shelf. I liked it but didn’t knit a lot. Life got busy with school and then work and I’ve done less and less crafts every year. I’ve seen my mum crocheting quiet a lot but I was thinking it’s really complicated and I never tried it.

So, when I was pregnant I really wanted to create something unique for my son. I knitted a white blanket but I wanted to add some extra to it so I looked online for crocheted borders. I loved the look of them. I decided to try it from a YouTube video, I found through Pinterest. It was a video from Bella Coco and the tutorial was for a shell stitch border. I didn’t start with the easiest as beginners do but maybe that was my way to jump into it. When I finished the border I was super proud and I got totally hooked on! I couldn’t believe that I was afraid to try crocheting for so many years because I was sure it’s complicated and it was absolutely not! Here’s the blanket I made for my son with the green crocheted border:

I told my husband I’m going to try making some other crocheted “stuff” so I watched another video from Bella Coco and I made a simple granny square. I could easily remember the instructions and I started to make a lot of them. I was at home resting and pregnant so I had a lot of time. I made 80 of them and I wanted to create my first fully crocheted blanket. I checked Pinterest how to join the squares and made it. It was a bit wonky and had a lot of mistakes but it was mine! My first ever crocheted blanket!

There was no turning back from that point! 😀 I made a lot of blankets, hats and some shawls when I felt I could make some of my own.

I wrote and published my very first pattern in October, 2018 and I made a lot more since then. Here are my most recent makes and you can clearly see the difference between my first project and these beauties:

I love creating the patterns, choosing the colours and thinking about the way I gonna make it. It needs a lot of creativity and patience but this is my pure joy, my favurite hobby, something I TRULY love.