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How to make a tassel?

In this post, I help you to learn how to make tassels without hassle!

Tassels are super cute and a great addition to your crochet items such as shawls, bags or clothing.

They are trendy and they can make your items and clothing stand out easily, especially if you make them in bright colors!

The best thing about them is that they are fast and easy to make and you don’t need a lot of expensive materials either. (I bet you have some scrap yarn, scissors, a piece of cardboard and some tapestry needles at home as I do!)

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Let’s get started!

I made a YouTube tutorial too, see it here:

Materials needed:

  • A piece of cardboard (I used fingering weight yarn in the tutorial so mine was 3,5″/9 cm in length but you can use bigger or smaller pieces depending on your yarn thickness)
  • Scissors
  • Some yarn
  • Tapestry needles

STEP 1-Wrap your yarn around the cardboard:

Starting at one end, wrap the yarn around the cardboard. Stop when the tassel has the desired thicknessand cut the end. (Tip: don’t pull it too tightly as this will make your tassel shorter and harder to work with.) It’s best to stop at the same end you started at.

STEP 2-Cut the yarn at the bottom:

Using your scissors, cut the yarn at the bottom of the cardboard, making sure the pieces don’t come off.

STEP 3-Knot the top of your tassel:

I usually use 2 options to do this step, depending on how will I use my tassel. If I don’t want to make it removable and add it to a shawl, I usually go for Option 1 but if I want to add it to a purse or a bag, I use Option 2.

Option 1:

Cut a piece of yarn, at least double longer than your tassel, then tie a knot in the middle.

Option 2:

Cut a piece of yarn, fold it in half and tie a knot colser to the folded end. (Tip: You can make that loop shorter or longer by placing the knot closer/further away from the folded part.) With your loop facing up, wrap the looped piece around the middle of the yarn then tie a knot and fold it back in half, make sure your loop stays outside.

STEP 4-Make the top of the tassel:

Cut another piece of yarn, put it under your tassel and tie a knot. The position is totally up to you, depending on what size head would you like for your tassel. Wrap the yarn a few times around the body of the tassel, then securely tie the two ends together.

STEP 5-Hide your ends:

Pull the two ends through the center with your tapestry needle. This helps to hide the ends and makes it less visible.

STEP 6-Trim the ends:

Using your scissors , trim the ends. (Tip: I usually rotate my tassel a few times so I see the ones sticking out)

Great job! Your tassel is ready!

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