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April Flowers Baby Blanket Info

Spring Inspired Baby Blanket

I am so happy to announce that The April CAL at Furls is designed by me! The April Flowers Baby Blanket showcases my love for Spring, especially enjoying the weather and admiring the flowers as they bloom. 

April Flowers Baby Blanket CAL

It’s finally springtime with full of flowers, sunshine and warmer weather which inspired me to create this wonderful baby blanket. My favourite season is Spring when you can take long walks, enjoy the weather and admire the flowers and all the other wonders that this season can offer.

This beautifully textured baby blanket is expressing my love to Spring, showing beautiful colors and filling my soul with sunshine just looking at it!

I’d love to see your color choices and your pictures, join the Fun with Furls group on Facebook! 

In this post you can find all the information needed before the start of the CAL:

  • CAL start date
  • Parts
  • Materials needed
  • Difficulty
  • Size
  • Gauge
  • Helpful tips

The CAL start date:

The CAL starts on 13 April, 2021


The CAL has broken down into 3 parts and will run for a total of 3 weeks.

Part 1: 13 April, 2021 (in this part you will make 12 blocks of square 1)

Part 2: 20 April, 2021 (in this part you are going to make 12 blocks of square 2)

Part 3: 27 April, 2021 (in the last part you will join the squares and make the border to complete the blanket)

Materials needed:

Here’s the Supply List

Saffron (C1):                     60 grams             177 meters/193 yards  

Shrimp (C2):                     30 grams             88,5 meters/97 yards

Apple (C3):                        80 grams             236 meters/258 yards  

Wisteria (C4):                   30 grams             88,5 meters/97 yards

Pistachio (C5):                  50 grams             147,5 meters/161 yards

White (C6): 200 grams           590 meters/644 yards

Total:                                   450 grams

Total yardage: approx.:      1328 meters/1450 yards

  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • NOTE: Blocking is essential to enhance the textured patternwork of your blanket and make sure your squares are the same size


Intermediate. Although, this is an intermediate/advanced pattern, advanced beginners can join in too as the pattern will have CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND instructions with some step by step photos.


The finished size is 76 cm x 112 cm / 30″ x 44″ AFTER BLOCKING.

However, if you use different yarn weight, the finished size will be bigger or smaller.


4 half double crochet stitches and 3 rows = 1″ / 2.5cm

The finished size will also differ if you have a loose or tight tension.

Helpful tips:

Don’t get stressed about the time frame. It’s all about the joy of crocheting, so if it takes more time to complete each part it’s still okay! This is not a race. It’s a journey, our journey together to create something unique and beautiful with our creativity.

You should block your squares before joining in part 3, which helps you to make them the same size.

This pattern can be a great stashbuster too as you can use as many colors as you want to make a  really great, colorful blanket!

US TERMS used throughout.

Thank you so much for your time to read through this information! I can’t wait to start and see all your beautiful creations!

With Love,


In the meantime, you can get the yarn you need HERE and some beautiful Furls Crochet Hooks HERE.

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  1. I know this is a weird question. I have part 1 but don’t remember where I went to get it and now I need Part 2 (and has 3 been released?). Where do I go to get the next steps?

    1. Click on the link above and that takes you to the Furls website. On the top you can click on the options which says part one, two or three. Everything is there, the pattern is fully released now.

  2. Help-I can’t find a row 4 in the border instruction-which is super important since it is supposed to be repeated in row 6. We have round 2, fastening off. Then round 3 where we join the white yarn. It then goes straight to round 5 which is supposed to be the same as 4 and 6 which is also a repeat of four. Help!?!

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