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Tropical Sunset Baby Blanket Mini CAL-Part 1

This beautiful baby blanket mini CAL will be running from 08/02/2020 every Saturday at 8 am GMT+1, for 4 weeks and it will be published in 4 parts here on my blog and on Ravelry too.

The pattern is completely free and it will stay like that FOREVER. 🙂

It is super easy to follow and perfect for beginners as it doesn’t use a lot of different stitches.

I created this mini CAL just for fun, to keep your mind off of everyday problems for a bit, to help you get relaxed and get lost in the journey of creating something nice.

You can use any kind of DK yarn, you can change color anytime you want, it’s totally up to you. 🙂 I will publish the pattern the way I made the color changes but you don’t have to follow that order.

Here’s the first part of the pattern, which will create 1/3 of the blanket.

If you want to make it wider the starting chain should be: multiples of 7+4

This pattern and photographs are the property of K.A.M.E. Crochet by Krisztina Anna Matejcsok-Edomer and should be used for personal and non-commercial use. You may not alter or sell this pattern in any way. You may sell finished products, but please credit K.A.M.E. Crochet if you can. Thank you!



Finished Size:

28” x 40” (71 cm x 102 cm)

Materials needed:

  • 4 mm (G) Hook (Get great hooks HERE)
  • Approximately 1106 yards/1027.5 metres (405 grams) of DK weight yarn; I used Aldi So Crafty DK in different colors, in the following quantities:
  • Color 1: 66 grams (165 meters/180 yards)
  • Color 2: 86 grams (215 meters/235 yards)
  • Color 3: 81 grams (202.5 meters/221 yards)
  • Color 4: 86 grams (215 meters/235 yards)
  • Color 5: 86 grams (215 meters/235 yards)
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • Scissors

Stitches used and Abbreviations:

CH = chain

ST = stitch

SP = space

SK = skip

SLST = slip stitch

SC = single crochet

HDC = half double crochet

DC = double crochet

*-* =repeat pattern between these symbols

Additional terms/ Special Stitches:

Crossed double crochet:

Skip 1 stitch and put 1 double crochet into the next stitch, then put 1 double crochet into the skipped stitch. This way you will create nice little double crochet ”crosses”.

Picot Stitch:

CH 3 and then SLST back into the first chain of CH 3


4 HDC = 1”

Additional notes:

  • If a row/round starts with a Chain 1, that is not counted as a stitch
  • CH 3 is always counted as a DC
  • US terms used throughout
  • Slip stitch doesn’t count as a stitch
  • Notes are written in (brackets) to help you through the pattern
  • When working on the corners, always remember that there might be a hidden stitch hiding under the corner stitches which is the first stitch of the previous row


To start: With Color 1 CH 109

Row 1: 1 DC into the 4th CH from the hook, *SK 2 CH, 5 DC in next CH, SK 2 CH, 1 DC in next 2 CH *repeat *to* to end


(15 Shells, 32 DC)

Row 2: CH 3, 2 DC in same ST, SK 3 DC, *1 DC in SP between 2nd and 3rd DC of 5 DC group, 1 DC in SP between 3rd and 4th DC of 5 DC group, SK 3 DC, 5 DC in SP between the 2 DC STS, SK 3 DC* repeat from *to*to end, ending with 3 DC in top of CH 3.                  


(14 Shells, 36 DC)

Row 3: CH 3, 1 DC between the 1st and 2nd DC from previous round, *SK 3 DC, 5 DC in SP between the 2 DC STS, SK 3 DC, 1 DC in SP between 2nd and 3rd DC of 5 DC group, 1 DC in SP between 3rd and 4th DC of 5 DC group* repeat from *to* to end, ending with 1 DC in space between last DC and CH 3, 1 DC in top of CH 3.           


(15 Shells, 32 DC)

Row 4: As Row 2

Row 5: As Row 3

Row 6: As Row 2

Row 7: As Row 3

Row 8: As Row 2

Row 9: As Row 3

Fasten off.

Row 10: Join Color 2 to the last DC you made in the previous row (don’t forget to turn your work before that) and then, work as Row 2

Row 11: As Row 3

Row 12: As Row 2

Row 13: As Row 3

Row 14: As Row 2

Row 15: As Row 3

Row 16: As Row 2

Row 17: As Row 3

Row 18: As Row 2

Fasten off.

Row 19: Join Color 3 to the last DC you made in the previous round (don’t forget to turn your work before that) and then, work as Row 3

Row 20: As Row 2

Row 21: As Row 3

Row 22: As Row 2

Row 23: As Row 3

Row 24: As Row 2

Row 25: As Row 3

Row 26: As Row 2

Row 27: As Row 3

Fasten off.

End of Part 1.

Part 2 will be released on 15/02/2020

Thank you for choosing this pattern for your project! When you make it, I’d like to see it! Remember to tag me – @k.a.m.e_crochet or using hashtag #kamecrochet on Instagram

If you have any questions about the pattern, please contact me at or




Happy Crocheting!

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