Creating a heirloom blanket

The story behind the Nestariel Baby Blanket

Creating a pattern is always a difficult task. So many people often think it’s easy-peasy and they don’t think about the time, the struggle and the effort to create something new, something unique out of just some strands of yarn.

Well, it takes much more than that. Since I started crocheting, I was always thinking about patterns in a way that ‘Oh, I could do that, it needs just some different stitches putting together…’ Haha, no.

When I made my first pattern, I realised that it takes a lot of time. You have to make sure your number of stitches are right, the description is easy to understand and spot on. So I created some easy patterns first to learn the way of creating a pattern.

My very first one was the Easy Soap Cozy pattern which is still quiet popular on Ravelry. It didn’t take an awful lot of time but it helped me to understand the method of pattern creating.

A few weeks later, I created a Small Laundry Bag for face scrubbies, the Laivine Beanie (a bigger project with different sizing options, a bit more advanced pattern) then I got into it. I loved making new patterns, thinking about how to create something which is in my head but not physically made yet.

I was pregnant with my daughter at that time and I wanted to make her some cute cardigans and hats as I didn’t find anything good I liked enough to make. I was due on the 27th of December so she really needed some anyway. That’s how I created the pattern of the Csenge Anna set and the Yavanna Baby set.

When she was born I was too busy to crochet but I was constantly planning possible patterns. When she got a bit bigger I created 3 more patterns. One for her, one for my cousin who’s due with a baby boy and one for myself.

I grabbed my big notebook, my pen and got creative, writing down my ideas ,plans and patterns.

I usually tend to write my patterns in my notebook first, while I’m crocheting but sometimes I just scribble down the instructions with some shorter words thinking, I will remember that…and when I get to write my pattern on the computer I often have to think about what is that exactly? 😀 But I always manage to sort it out.

So back to the Nestariel Blanket.

It started as a washcloth pattern to match my Sakura Face Scrubbie pattern but when I looked at it, I immediately knew it has to become something bigger, more beautiful ,unique so I carried on working on it, doing stitches after stitches, planning a pattern with different textures.

I wanted to create something with a lot of texture yet not crowded with different sitches. Unique, modern and beautiful.

It was a hard work, especially some parts of it. I started to work on it in April, 2019 and I finished it in July. Sometimes I had to put it down as I got fed up with the number of stitches were not right or I couldn’t work out one row.

I was always thinking about myself as someone good with colour choices but I always seen some better ones. I used Stylecraft Special DK in the following shades: Fondant, Apricot, Lemon, Spring Green and Aspen. Assorting the colours were not easy, because I wanted something fresh, crisp yet colorful which makes the pattern pop. I think I nailed it!

I used a lot of different stitches throughout the pattern:

Front post stitches, back post stitches, popcorns, puffs and stitches in the back loop only.

The colours for my blanket

As I carried on it came to life, the colours were just right, the pattern started to create itself and I just fell in love with it.

As a mum of two little kids some days I didn’t have to to work on it and I’ve been often stressing about when will I finish it. We moved back to Hungary in June and I had to put it on hold for a bit but when things got sorted and we settled in our new life I picked it up again and managed to finish it quiet quick.

The completed blanket

I knew how am I going to do the edging since I started the blanket. I didn’t want anything complicated so I came up with a pretty simple idea: 1 row of chains and single crochet stitches and the second row is creating an effect of little flower petals in the chain spaces.

I uploaded some pictures on my Instagram page and in some different Crochet Groups on Facebook and I got a lot of positive feedback with more than 2100 likes and nearly a thousand comments. Everybody is patiently waiting for my pattern to be published.

I found some great people to test my pattern, which is in progress at the moment. They are choosing beautiful colours, expressing themselves with their style.

I am so happy that this pattern is warmly welcomed in the crochet community and people love my work. This is why I love doing it, this is why I keep creating my own patterns. This is my JOY.

When the pattern is finally published I’ll let everybody know, hopefully it won’t take long now.

Thank you for reading!

With lots of love,



After a lot of work, the pattern is finally published and available here.

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