“It’s not just about creativity, it is about the person you’re BECOMING while you’re creating.”

Charlie Peacock

I’ve been asked many times by friends and family about my creative journey and why do I make things? What I love about creating and showing it off? Why do I do what I do?

It’s not an easy question to answer but I will try. LoveCrafts had the same question for me so I try to let them know too.

I was a crafty kind of person since I was a small child. I loved drawing, painting and I even made some dresses for my Barbie dolls. I tried embroidery, beading, making candles etc. I always loved making something out of scratch and then show it my mother, my siblings or my friends. I truly loved it, enjoyed every minutes of it.

I think if you LOVE making you’re born with the desire to CREATE so all you have to do is just let your creativity out flowing, making your own little world to become a colorful and happy place which warms your heart and makes you smile. 🙂

As a kid, when I made something it made me and others happy too. My mother was very supportive and positive which helped a lot. She was always fascinated by my creations even if they were far from perfect. (haha) Her support meant the world to me and that positive attitude built my confidence and made me the person I am today.

BUT I didn’t know what do I want to do with my creativity, my GIFT. I always liked something (a new technique, a different craft) and I tried it straight away leaving the other craft behind for a while or just abandoning it completely.

From the age of 6 until my mid teens I was drawing and painting in my freetime and I used to go to classes and learnt a lot about art. However, I gave up art as I was not as talented as my little sister and I wanted to express myself in a different way.

This was one of my best paintings as a kid:

At the age of 8-11 I was a huge fan of Origami. Our house was full of paper everywhere, I was asking for origami books for my birthday and for Christmas but I got bored. I wanted to try something different, I felt it’s not MY craft, it’s not the ONE.

So when I was about 12, I’ve started embroidering. I was pretty good at it and some of my works had been to an exhibition too. I was really proud of myself but I got bored easily and after 2 years of embroidering I stopped. There was a lot going on in my life at that time, I stared high school and I didn’t have much time for anything like that. I don’t regret it as I think embroidering was not for me.

Here’s the piece which I just found at my mom’s house last weekend. This was the one which had been displayed at the exhibition. It’s a traditional hungarian bag with embroidery, called tarisznya. 🙂

In my high school years I was focusing on my studies and then I started working. I often made some small handmade gifts but that’s all, I didn’t have a real hobby.

Everything changed when I got pregnant with my first baby in 2017. I was 27 and I really wanted to create something unique for him. I knew knitting, so I picked up my knitting needles and made a simple, white baby blanket. It didn’t look completed and I was thinking what should I do to make it look perfect.

I knew I saw my mom crocheting when I was a kid, she made tablecloths, rugs and hats too but it looked too complicated for me and I never asked her to teach me. Now, I regret it as I would have been introduced to this craft much earlier if I ask her. I called her to ask for some advice, how should I complete my baby blanket. She said crocheted borders are really nice and give the final touch to it.

I looked on Pinterest and YouTube to search for some ideas and I found some good tutorials. Luckily, I had some crochet hooks at home and I made my first crochet piece.


I felt like that’s the ONE, finally I FOUND IT! I found my REAL CRAFT, my real PASSION. I got swept away with the feelings it created. I was over the moon.

I made some items for my son, for my husband and some just for fun. I picked it up so easily, it was like it meant to be that way. I learnt to read patterns so quick it was like a second language for me. Soon, I knew I can create my own patterns and I had a lot of ideas.

I published my very first pattern in November, 2018. Since that, I published so many designs and I have a lot still in my mind waiting to be released.

I am currently working on a new design which is going to be my biggest project since I started creating my own designs.

When I make my patterns I’m inspired by many things. My children are my first inspiration and then nature and my other passion, reading.

As a huge Tolkien fan, I get inspired from his works all the time. The elvish language is the one, I usually use to name my designs which is absolutely fit them as they are complex and delicate too

I love to create delicate, intricate and textured designs. The complexity of them reflect my feelings as they are deep and full of love. I LOVE creating them, I LOVE seeing them created by others. I LOVE it when I see other people LOVE my designs and I happy to share this joy with them. I LOVE to see the process of creating, making something out of scratch and then the RESULT.

CREATING and MAKING is helping me to spread the joy of being creative. Helps me to forget about some real-life problems, to get lost in the process for a bit.

MAKING means LOVE to me. LOVE my life, my kids, my family and friends and my hobby.

So I MAKE for the JOY, the LOVE and for the HAPPINESS.

If I can share it with you and you LOVE what I create, I was able to share my joy and passion with YOU, giving some LOVE and make you smile.


Thank you for reading!

With love,


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