This is just a short post to keep you updated. 😊

I am so happy to announce that my biggest project ever, my biggest design, the beautiful and amazing Elerrína Blanket is in the final stage of the testing process and it will be published on Sunday, 31/05/2020.

Creating this blanket was a long journey, which started last year in 2019, at the end of August. I’ve never imagined that it will take this long to get to the point of finally publishing it.

As I have 2 little ones under 3 to take care of, I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the pattern during the day so I was crocheting at night or when they had their nap in the afternoons. It was difficult but I always found a solution.

I am so happy and grateful for my testers who helped me to check the pattern for mistakes and give me support, especially during these difficult times. I can’t thank them enough! ❤️

Here are their creations, I let these pictures speak instead of me writing and get you bored…hahaha

By Ágnes Szemenyei
By Jan Henley
By Louise Baker
By Paulina Smith Maraboli
By Nagyné Lakhézi Éva

Aren’t they just absolutely gorgeous?

The pattern will be available on Lovecrafts through Ravelry, I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Stay safe and happy crocheting!

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