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Crossrows Cowl

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As many of you are waiting for the Anna’s Tales CAL to start, I want to keep your hooks busy with this fun and quick project. It’s also perfect as a last minute gift for Christmas because it takes only an afternoon to make it and it is easily adjustable to fit any size.

Say hello to the Crossrows Cowl, the last item of the Crossrows Family. The name of the design comes from the stitches I used to create the pattern and I was playing with the words to come up with a fun and easy-to-remember name.

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Easy/Advanced Beginner


One size only  to fit an average adult’s head, but it can be easily adjusted to make a bigger or smaller size.

Materials needed:

  • 5 mm (H) Hook
  • Approximately 218 yards / 199 meters (108 grams) of worsted/aran weight yarn (I used Paintbox Simply Aran, you can buy it HERE.)
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers

Stitches used and Abbreviations:

CH = chain

ST/STS = stitch/stitches

SP = space

SK = skip

SLST = slip stitch

SC = single crochet

SC3LO = single crochet 3rd loop only

HDC = half double crochet

HDC3LO = half double crochet 3rd loop only

DC = double crochet

*-* =repeat pattern between these symbols

Additional terms/ Special Stitches:

Stitches in the HDC 3rd loop only (SC3LO, HDC3LO):

Look at the top of the stitch and locate the sideways ”V”, bend the stitch to look at the back and you should see another ”V”. You will be working into the back loop of that ”V”. This creates a nice, braided look.


4 HDC = 1”

Additional notes:

  • If a row/round starts with a Chain 1, that is not counted as a stitch.
  • Slip stitch doesn’t count as a stitch.
  • Chain 3 always count as double crochet
  • US terms used throughout
  • You can easily resize the earwarmer:

to make it bigger just add 2 more or a multiple of 2 chains to the staring chain


to make it smaller, simply take 2 or multiples of 2 chains from the starting chain

  • When you’re about to work in a stitch with a stitch marker in it, just simply take it out, I won’t include a separate note for that J
  • Notes are written in a different color (in brackets) to help you through the pattern.


To start: CH 90, SLST to first CH, make sure you don’t twist it when joining

Round 1: CH 1, 1 HDC in same CH (put a stitch marker in the first HDC of the round and in the 3rd loop of that very same ST, this will help in the next round), 1 HDC in each CH around, join with a SLST to first HDC                                                                                              

(90 HDC)

Round 2: CH 1, 1 HDC3LO in same ST, 1 HDC3LO in each ST around, join with a SLST to first HDC

 (90 HDC)

Round 3: SLST to next ST (that’s the 2nd ST of the round), CH 3 (counts as DC), DC back in the first ST of the round, *SK next ST, DC in next ST, DC in skipped ST (this way you create little DC crosses)* repeat *to* around, join with a SLST to top of CH 3

(45 DC crosses)

Round 4-19: same as Round 3

(45 DC crosses)

Round 20: CH 1, 1 HDC in same ST (put a stitch marker in the first HDC of the round and in the 3rd loop of that very same ST, this will help in the next round), 1 HDC in each ST around, join with a SLST to first HDC                                                                

                         (90 HDC)

Round 9: CH 1, 1 SC3LO in same ST, 1 SC3LO in each ST around, join with a SLST to first SC

(90 SC)

Fasten off, weave in all ends.

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