Mindful Knitting-A Collection by KnitPro

Product review and first impressions

To ‘be mindful’ is to be in the moment.

When KnitPro asked me to test their new collection of gorgeous needles which focus on mindfulness I instantly knew that I have to give it a try!

Many of you know by now that I like knitting too but that’s going to remain only a hobby. I like to switch between crocheting/designing and knitting to calm my mind.

“The Mindful Collection” by KnitPro (more information is available here: is designed to help harness the spirit of the soulful craft of knitting. The range of knitting needles in high-quality stainless steel delivers superior performance. The collection reinforces the meditative qualities of the knitting craft by utilizing words that are associated with meditative practice (Breathe, Believe, Dream….). Each needle tip carries an imprint of an inspirational word that is unique to that size only.

Dream imprint on my 4mm circular needles

Complementing the extraordinary needle collection is a whole range of bags and accessories. For this entire collection and all the products, they have used paper or fabric-based packaging. The Mindful Collection stands for the healing powers of knitting and is backed by soothing imagery and graphics. I am confident that the collection will help elevate creativity while enjoying mindfulness.

I have made a full unboxing video of the set I got, you can check it here:

I received the BELIEVE SET plus a lot of other useful accessories and a gorgeous hank of yarn as you can see above.

The Believe knitting lace needle set contains the 7 most popular sizes most often needed by knitters. The interchangeable circular needle tips, 3 swivel cables and vast assortment of accessories are packed in a rectangular fabric case carrying the Mindful theme graphics.

For systematic organization, a detachable multi-purpose fabric pouch is offered to hold all the cables and accessories and all the needles can be neatly stored in designated places with size labelling.


  • MM: 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 & 6.00
  • US: 2.5, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10


3 Swivel Cables (360 degree rotational): 1 cable each of 60cm (24″), 80cm (32″) & 100cm (40″)


  • 1 pair of Cable Connectors
  • 1 Needle Gauge
  • 2 Cable Keys
  • 2 Darning Needles
  • 4 End Caps
  • 10 Split Stitch Markers
  • 10 Locking Stitch Markers
  • 30 Round Stitch Markers


Fabric case with designs of floral motif

Look at all of these goodies!

When I opened the package I was over the moon! I absolutely loved all the small details that have been used, the theme, the colorway and the symbol which appears on the cases, the pouches and the bag.

The ancient symbol visible on the Mindful Collection represents the universe and life. Often seen in meditation or yoga circles, it represents the search for completeness and unity.

The packaging is perfect and very useful, I adore those tiny pouches!

The big bag fits everything in so I don’t have to worry about where to put the contents and also perfectly matches the main theme and colours.

All of the stitch markers I got with the collection will be very useful as I think you should never have enough of them! 😅

I gave the new needles a go the following day. I have chosen the single point needles to try first, size: 5mm and some yarn from my stash.

The needles did not disappoint me!

They are very light, durable and great to work with! I knitted my sample in record time which is unusual for me as I consider myself a slow knitter.

Here’s my sample, it turned out gorgeous: the stitches were even and not messy at all!

As I have knitted a sample with some thicker yarn and bigger needle, I was ready to dive in and try the needles from the Believe Set with lighter yarn weight!

To be honest, I love circular needles and the swivel cables I got with them are super genius! My work was not tangled, the cables helped a lot to not twist my rows and gave more freedom of movement.

I have started to knit a cardigan for myself using the needles from the set and I am sure it will be lovely! I try to keep you updated with my progress on this one, make sure to follow me on social media. 😉

This is just the sample on the photo but I will use this yarn and my circular needles to knit the cardigan.

There are many people who love mindfulness and knitting and Claudia is one of them!

Claudia is a passionate knitter and creative artist, who works with KnitPro to create content for them and Knitter’s Pride websites. She has created wonderful videos for the Mindful Collection, beautifully connecting the concept of mindfulness to knitting. As a cancer survivor, she has found the power of healing with knitting and wants to share the concept with others.

You can check her videos here:

I definitely recommend this collection for anyone who loves knitting or just starting to play with the idea of investing in a more professional set!

It’s not just beautiful but useful too with great accessories and bags.

If you are interested, you can check the full set and accesories here:

Thank you so much for reading!

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