My biggest project EVER

Hello all, you lovely lot!

The yarn I need for the project

I know that I’ve been really quiet in the past few days/weeks but I had a reason. 😁

I was planning my biggest project ever and it took a lot of time and thinking.

I always wanted to create a beautifully textured big blanket and now I felt like it’s the right time!

I am really excited and nervous too because designing a big project is totally different than a beanie or a small project. It takes a lot of time and effort from the point you decide to start it.

First of all, I had to think about what yarn do I want to use? 4ply, dk or aran? It wasn’t a hard choice as I prefer to work with dk yarn so I chose dk. After that I kept thinking about the brand and when I had a chosen brand and type of yarn, I started to think about possible colour combinations.

I’ve chosen Stylecraft Batik DK which I wanted to try for a long time.

As I’ve not seen the yarn in person and I had to order it online I saved the pictures of the yarn and started to create combinations. I came up with quiet a lot ideas but I’ve chosen a simple, yet beautiful, not too bright colour combination.

Here’s the picture of it:

Slightly on the pastel side of the colour palette but the colours go really well together.

The colours are light and simple and go amazigly well together. The batik style makes it look softer: they just blend perfecly into the pattern structure and make it vibrant and full of life.

The pattern itself started with just an idea when one night I’ve been playing around with some yarn and possible patterns for a face scrubbie.

I came up with a beautiful star shaped creation which was not good for a face scrubbie but made me want to continue the pattern and create a textured blanket design with that small star shape in the centre.

This is how it started

When I started crocheting the actual blanket, I immediately started thinking about the perfect name for the design.

As a J. R. R. Tolkien fan I always try to choose a name in elvish.

I love elvish language, it’s so beautiful, delicate and unique, it’s perfect for giving names for my projects. 😊

My chosen name for this beauty is: Elerrína= Crowned with Stars which refers to the starting star shape in the centre.

I try to work on the pattern as much as I can every day but as a mom of 2 little children my days are really busy and I can only crochet when they are asleep at night.

I am planning to publish the pattern latest in November/December this year. It will be a written pattern and I am making a photo tutorial too to help people who are more visual when it comes to crocheting.

This is where I am at the moment

It will be a lot of work so please be patient, I will keep you updated here and on my social media sites: Facebook and Instagram.


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