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Octagon Star Face Scrubbie-Video Tutorial

Have you ever thought of going a bit greener? Using less plastic, producing less waste? This is the time to change! Use these instead of the cotton wool you are currently using. They’re completely reusable, made of 100% cotton. You can wash them in the washing machine too when they get dirty. 🙂

If you are more visual, my friend, Karen, made a video tutorial to help you all!

She has a YouTube channel with a lot of great videos and exciting content, you can subscribe here.

Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “Octagon Star Face Scrubbie-Video Tutorial

  1. Somewhat new to crocheting and the octagon star face scrubbie caught my attention. Needed visual direction- but I had a terrible time hearing the directions – voice is way too low and actual visual is a bit too fast!

    1. On YouTube you can set the video slower which is a really helpful thing. The video was made by my friend so I can’t actually help with the voice, sorry. 🙁

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