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Sakura Market Bag-Video Tutorial

Go Green with this super cute bag, with a decorative mandala on the bottom. The pattern is using 100% cotton yarn, which makes it more durable and you can wash it again and again if it gets dirty.

I love reusable bags, I usually take some anywhere when I’m out in town for shopping! That’s why I created this beautiful market bag.

I used my Sakura Face Scrubbies pattern and extended it to create this beautifully textured bottom part which gives some extra touch to the final product!

I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in lime green colourway. You can get the yarn HERE. It is a very vibrant colour and brightens up a gloomy day. 🙂

It is an easy pattern but a bit more advanced because of some special stitches used. Written in US terms only.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pattern as much as I did when creating it!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

If you are more visual, my friend, Karen, made a video tutorial to help you all!

She has a YouTube channel with a lot of great videos and exciting content, you can subscribe here.

Here are all of the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Additional Support for beginning and ending rounds:

Happy crocheting!

16 thoughts on “Sakura Market Bag-Video Tutorial

  1. What a wonderful project. I thought the tutorial was really clear, concise and we’ll edited with the pauses.
    It’s my first “non blanket” project, and I consider myself just past a beginner, and I have a wonderful bag. I could never have done it on reading the pattern.
    Thank you very much for the clear tutorial.

  2. Love the bag but what happened to the written pattern? I cannot access it from this site??

  3. Just finished my first bag using the written instructions. I can see my mistakes when joining the rounds. Video makes it so much clearer. I’v e started my second and have plans for a 3rd. Love the pattern. Such a great size and shape.

  4. Could you make this with a rectangle/box base? Maybe use a granny square type method after row 12 to get it to a four sided shape and then pick up with the original row 13? What multiple would you need to keep for the mesh to still work?

    1. That should be a completely new pattern which needs designing so I don’t know. You can try it for yourself if you really want to but it needs a lot of calculation to make it work. 🙂

  5. One of the very best videos I’ve seen. The pattern had me confused (I’m fairly new to the craft) but the resulting bag from the video is awesome! Made it in transgender colors for a ‘new’ friend of mine!

  6. Seconding everything everyone else has said. I’m newer to crochet, and use a lot of videos. This was by far the most clear I’ve seen so far. Thank you for taking your time to really explain and show exactly where the stitches go. This was also the first time I’ve used stitch markers and your explanation made it so easy.

    There are a lot of videos here and they are so detailed, I’m sure this took you a lot of time and effort. Thank you!

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